Oura Ring pre-order 40% off discount code

Edit: both of the 40% discount codes have been used
I have another code that will give $100 off (about 33%), it's valid through Dec 31, 2017:

About a month ago I got an Oura Ring (ouraring.com), but ended up deciding to get a Fitbit instead and sell the ring.
1) The ring is too dang big for me. (not the sizing, it fits, the top of the ring is a giant lump to hold the battery and circuitry)
2) I thought it provided real-time heart rate monitoring, which it doesn't (it only monitors HR during sleep). The Fitbit was able to fill this role.

So, Oura has announced a new ring. It's smaller (no big lumps), and has a better battery life. It still doesn't do continuous heart rate monitoring, but it looks like it might be able to measure on demand.

The new ring is currently a pre-order with an estimated shipping date of April 2018.

If you're interested in pre-ordering one I have 2 coupon codes that give a 40% discount.
The codes expire Dec 8, 2017, and I think they're single use only, so if one doesn't work try the other. If neither work post a comment and I'll see if I can get any more.

The Oura Ring pre-order discount codes:
If you use one of the codes/links please leave a comment so I can mark it as used.

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Free Stock – Get a free stock from Robinhood

I'm a big fan of referral programs.

Getting a cut or commission because you helped someone find something they wanted? Awesome!
Getting a free stock, by helping someone else get a free stock… with ZERO cost or purchases required? Double Awesome!

Get a Free Stock


Robinhood is a no-fee brokerage. Where most brokerages charge $5-10 per trade, Robinhood charges $0. The only costs are the SEC regulatory fees when stocks are sold, which for most sales would literally amount to pennies (like less than 10 pennies).

If you sign up for an account at Robinhood by clicking the image above (or clicking this link) you will get one share of one random company.

On June 2nd I received one share of SWN (worth $6.19, now worth $6.20!), and on June 6th I received one share of ODP (worth $5.12, now worth $5.54) after referring another friend. It looks like I'm only up $0.43, but keep in mind, those were free stocks, so I'm actually ahead by $11.74.

There are some good stocks in the mix like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, etc, but the chances of getting anything worth more than $10 are probably pretty slim.

The one real limit on this referral program is that the maximum amount of free stock you can earn is $500. It's a longshot, but if I hit that, I'll swap out the links on this page with someone that used my referral link.
So if you sign up, let me know in the comments.
If I hit the $500 limit I'll rotate through those referral links – one month at a time, in the order received.

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IDEA: Rail Roads

I love the idea of self driving cars, but didn't we kind of had something similar for awhile and systematically got rid of them? Trains?

A standardized rail system (either one or two rails per lane) built into new roads could allow for a new generation of self driving cars to lock in to a track, or use it as a guide to stay on the road rather than using more complicated computerized sensor systems.

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IDEA: Popular Font

1) Create a font
2) Create the next billion dollar #1 social media website
3) Force your font as the default

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I like your hat

You should check out the music video "I like your hat" by Eddie Ate Dynamite.

The video is a whole 25 seconds long, and it's super catchy.

note: the guy in the top right frame is the famous Cactus Joe *1.

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Maybe it's just me…

If I were sweeping stairs, I would start at the TOP, not the bottom.

Gravity and everything.

Am I crazy?

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I Want My Smartbed!

For the past…. I don't know, several years now, I've been trying to find the ideal sleep monitoring/tracking system.

I've used apps like "Sleep Cycle", "Sleepbot" and "Sleep as Android" (which I'm currently using) to track my sleep, but I really don't like having to sleep with my phone next to me. Due to weird sleep behavior (mainly, I'm afraid I'll throw my phone across the room in my sleep), I place the phone under my fitted sheet so I need to work to get at it. This is a bit annoying every night, and in the morning when the alarm goes off (I use "Sleep as Android"'s smart alarm feature, so I'm usually awake or close to it when the alarm goes off, but it's still a hassle).

I tried using a cheap fitness tracker (the tracker itself was a disaster, but an entirely separate topic that I may post about later), but in the end, I kept envisioning creating a monitor/tracker that would stay on the bed.


Yesterday the Luna appeared on Indiegogo. It's a mattress topper that is basically what I wanted to create, and then some. It doesn't just track sleep based on movement, but also heart rate and respiration. It's wifi enabled, so I don't have to worry about manually syncing data or pushing buttons. It will also interface with all the smart light bulbs and thermostats that I don't have. The only thing I'm not a big fan of is that it acts as a heating pad, but that can be turned off (it does increase the cost for a feature I don't need though.

It's not cheap though. The "early bird" option is $179 for a full size mattress topper, but for the next 24-ish hours there's a VIP option that knocks a whole $10 (gasp!) off of that. You can check out the Indiegogo campaign at: http://igg.me/p/luna-turn-your-bed-into-a-smartbed/x/9742568



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