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IDEA: Rail Roads

I love the idea of self driving cars, but didn't we kind of had something similar for awhile and systematically got rid of them? Trains?

A standardized rail system (either one or two rails per lane) built into new roads could allow for a new generation of self driving cars to lock in to a track, or use it as a guide to stay on the road rather than using more complicated computerized sensor systems.

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IDEA: Popular Font

1) Create a font
2) Create the next billion dollar #1 social media website
3) Force your font as the default

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Ice Cream Vending Machines

You know what I never see? Vending machines full of ice cream.

I think making ice cream vending machines more prominent and more widely available would make the world a much better place to live. Why fight or be unhappy when you can just go and get an ice cream?!

I'd be happy with either machines that sell prepackaged ice cream treats like you'd get from an ice cream man driving around in one of those ice cream trucks that plays the same song ooooover and oooooover, or a soft-serve dispensing machine similar to a coffee vending machine.

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